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Newest Jokes
Joke Rating Date
Lipstick on the mirror4.002005-12-12
Texan Farmer4.002005-12-12
The folding bottle5.002005-12-12
Fast Turtle4.002005-12-12
Blonde Kidnapper4.002005-12-12
Blonde in a corn field4.002005-12-12
Blones and Coffee Breaks3.002005-12-12
How do blonde braincells die ?4.002005-12-12
The pop machine0.002005-12-12
Blonde Horse Riding0.002005-12-12

Newest Picture Jokes
Joke Rating Date
Ultimate clamping3.002005-12-12
Strong Dog5.002005-12-12
Kids today0.002005-12-12
I hate baths5.002005-12-12
First portable computer4.002005-12-12
Cow Wash4.002005-12-12
Cool Cat3.002005-12-12
A game of cat and mouse5.002005-12-12
Where do you want to go today?4.002005-12-12

Highest Rated Jokes
Joke Rating Date
Bunny on steroids5.002005-12-12
Forgot his parachute5.002005-12-12
The new southern santa5.002005-12-12
Smart Deer5.002005-12-12
A game of cat and mouse5.002005-12-12
I hate baths5.002005-12-12
Strong Dog5.002005-12-12
The folding bottle5.002005-12-12
Animal football match4.332005-12-12
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